We are not ashamed of the Gospel and proclaim Jesus boldly!  We wear evangelistic clothing, distribute Gospel materials (Bibles, tracts, books, etc.) and proclaim Jesus on street corners, on college campuses, in shopping areas, at sporting events, in train and bus stations, in airports, at concerts and other places locally, nationally and internationally.  We meet with people one-on-one, by telephone or over the Internet.  We set up outreach booths at fairs and festivals.  We conduct evangelistic Messianic Passover Seders.

God enabled us to distrbute over 1,000,000 Gospel Materials since 1/1/08!

Please feel free to download our "Witnessing Pamphlet"

If you would like us to send you some of our "Do you know Messiah?" 
Gospel tracts, please e-mail: stevenbkaplan@aol.com

For other English and Russian Gospel tracts: www.messiahgiveslife.com

Cyril and Rhonda Gordon's Testimony Book

First Baptist Church Woodstock, Georgia 2010